Fort Hood Private Injured Thursday Describes Shooting

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The brother of one of those injured in Thursday's deadly shooting at Fort Hood is speaking out. News 3 also talked with the father of an Army Sergeant who is fighting for his life. This comes as Governor Rick Perry visited the wounded Saturday morning and addressed the media on how Texas is supporting those affected.

"Getting this news just killed us," Nate Hull of Chicago, Illinois said. "You know that's my younger brother."

Hull, 33, says his brother Najee, 21, of Chicago, was living his dream. The private was set to deploy in December for a tour in Afghanistan. It would have been his first deployment. However, Thursday, Najee found himself under fire at home.

"He was standing in line and a guy (allegedly Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan)was behind a door. He (Hasan) walked in and said something to Allah and he shot him. He couldn't believe what had happened. He fell and he got shot two more times," Hull said.

Nate says his brother Najee was shot three times. Once in the back, lower torso and leg.

Najee was moved from the intensive care unit (ICU) to standard care Friday and is expected to make a full recovery.

"It's going to be baby steps for a long time, that's how you got to do it," the father of an injured staff sergeant said.

Pat, who asked us not to give his son's name, says he's relying on faith.

"It's tough we've been praying a lot."

His son got home from Iraq two weeks before the shootings. He is recovering from multiple gun shot wounds.

"My son took four bullets, one to the head, left shoulder, left forearm, one to the hip."

The sergeant is still in ICU and is said to be stable.

At a press conference Saturday at Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas Governor Rick Perry said supporting the families of those killed and injured is one of Texas' top priorities. Along with supporting the criminal investigation and of course the military.

"From this day I hope no one forgets the sacrifices our military make in defense of our country," Perry said. "I think that's the reflection you see in the love of this community and the care. The continued support of your military men and women."

It's that support that is helping the wounded heal.

Ten of those injured Thursday were taken to Scott and White in Temple for treatment. As of Saturday afternoon, four have been released, one has been transferred to another hospital, three have been moved to standard care and two remain in ICU.

The head of surgery at Scott and White says that some of the wounded could be physically and psychologically impaired for the rest of their lives.