Woman Allegedly Solicited Kidnappers on MySpace

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Bexar County authorities say a 20-year-old mother used the Internet to solicit anyone willing to abduct her son from her estranged boyfriend.

Authorities say Lisa Gonzales posted a message several weeks ago on the social networking site MySpace offering 500 dollars for the abduction of her son.

Her ad was answered on Saturday by 27-year-old Rosita Ybanez and 31-year-old Reynaldo Galvan.

Authorities say the duo arranged to meet with Gonzales at a restaurant, and on Saturday night, they snatched the two-year-old boy from the home of his father.

Bexar County sheriff's Sergeant Russell McWhorter says investigators traced the child to Gonzales within a few hours. He was uninjured except for a bruise on his thigh.

The suspects face felony charges of agreeing to abduct a child in exchange for compensation.

The baby's father, Vernardo Morales, says he plans to seek legal custody of the two-year-old known as Junior and the couple's one-year-old child.