Growth and Development Booming in Washington County

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A population boom created the need for growth and development in Washington County. Officials say they expected this and have been analyzing the need for some time.

"We have been discussing as a commissioners Court for about four years, the problems that we are facing because of the growth that has started to occur in Washington County. "

Currently within the county several major projects are already in the works. Including the creation of a new EMS substation.

"We have a tremendous amount of growth on the south side of this community. We're going to continue to grow," said Washington County Judge Dorothy Morgan. "About 70% of our calls are within the city at this point, so we're trying to get one of the substations on the southside."

The EMS facility is expected to decrease response times to those in need. The county is working with the city to place the the EMS station next a newly constructed Brenham police station.

"We're looking at the possibility of building a 20,000-25,000 square foot police headquarters facility," said Brenham City Manager, Terry Roberts. "The funding has already been acquired for the building."

The city bought the five-acre tract of land for the police headquarters, and a new fire substation.
However the county is hoping there will be enough space for their EMS substation.

"We're looking at whether all three agencies will fit on that 5 acre site," said Roberts. "We will determine that after an architect is selected. "

The county says other future projects include the remodeling of the courthouse annex to make room for an additional courtroom and offices.

Another top priority is creating more cells for female inmates at the county jail.

"When your debt is going to roll off and your not going to have debt, then we can take that two cents and utilize it for additional new debt that we have," said Judge Dorothy Morgan.

Morgan says by acting now taxpayers rates will not be increased for the new projects.