Presidential Candidate Addresses Aggieland Crowd

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One of the top contenders in the GOP race for the White House was the featured speaker at a public affairs forum, hosted by Former President George Bush.

Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts, addressed a packed crowd Tuesday evening at the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center at the George Bush Presidential Library Center.

His two main talking points, foreign policy and the war in Iraq.

Romney said pulling troops out of the war-torn country would cause a regional conflict and the troop surge has a real chance at working.

"We need a stronger military," Romney said. "I propose we sharply increase our investment in our national defense. I want to see at least 10,000 more troops. I want to finally see us make a long overdue investment in equipment and armor, weapon systems and strategic defense."

The presidential candidate also calls for spending four percent of the nation's gross domestic product on defense, up from three-point-nine percent.

Romney has raised $23 million in his campaigning for the presidency, which is more than other republican hopefuls.