Kolkhorst Wants to Slow Down Before Crossing Toll Roads

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The House might have put the brakes on the Trans-Texas Corridor.

A two-year moratorium on private toll roads won preliminary approval in the House yesterday.

It would halt eight near-term projects in the state, including the Trans-Texas Corridor, a superhighway that a private firm received a contract for earlier this year.

Brenham Republican Lois Kolkhorst says this is a matter of lawmakers, "looking before we leap into contracts that last 50-plus years."

Her proposal requires the state to create a commission to study the effects of private equity toll roads and present findings to the state next year.

Round Rock Republican Mike Krussee says without private toll roads, the state would need to raise the gas tax to pay for roads.

Governor Rick Perry has urged the state to reject a two-year toll road moratorium.