Texas' Big Cities Feeding Population of Brazos Valley

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According to the Census Bureau, Houston and Dallas are two of the country's fastest growing cities. Officials say as some of the state's larger cities continue to grow, so do some of the more rural cities.

The Bryan-College Station area is also increasing exponentially.

"You're seeing pretty significant population growth in the Brazos Valley right now," said economist Ray Perryman of The Perryman Group, who frequently analyzes area population data. "Some of it is the result of the growth that is particularly taking place in Houston, which is proximate, and is beginning to spread further and further."

Experts say the Twin Cities' growth can be attributed to several different factors, including growth at Texas A&M and our positioning between several big metropolitan areas.

"The interesting thing about our geography is that we literally touch the Texas Gulf Coast metropolitan, but we're also literally one county away from the Austin/San Antonio metropolitan areas, so we're very much at the center of the Texas triangle," said Todd McDaniel from the Research Valley Partnership.

Officials say the triangle is where the major population growth within the state is taking place.

Population and growth is also on the up in outlying areas such as Washington County.

"It's not the explosion-type growth you see in the suburbs of Houston," said Brenham City Manager Terry Roberts. "We continue to have a good growth in our community and have good housing starts."

However, officials say despite great economic strides due to the population growth, there is still work to be done.

"The system and the university, those are the drivers of our economy," said McDaniel. "What we're trying to do is economic diversification to bring new industries to grow our existing industry to continue to have good places for our citizens to work."