What to Know Before Getting Your Nails Done

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With many salons under fire for numerous safety violations, some people have safety concerns when getting their nails done.

"I was very nervous being that I'm nine months pregnant," said Brazos County resident Andie Rodriguez. "You know, I don't need to take the risk of getting an infection."

After several area nail salons received bad marks from the state, safety is on the minds of many. When choosing a nail salon there are key things to look for.

"The first thing a client should look for is if the salon or spa has an autoclave to sterilize their instruments," said Marilynn Davis of French Door Spa.

Davis said autoclaves are not mandatory yet, but are expected to be a requirement in the near future.

Officials say it's also important to make sure technicians put used instruments in a sealed pouch to keep bacteria from spreading.

If there is any doubt about the cleanliness of the equipment, Davis says to ask to see a cleaning log.

"Ask to look at their chart to see the last time the chair was cleaned, because according to regulation, every chair has to have one of these," said Davis.

Nail technicians at Riviera Day Spa say the recent reports have shed light on a growing problem.

"It has definitely made me more aware there are going to need to be stricter rules for anybody that does this, especially pedicures and nails," said Vanessa Guillory of Riviera Day Spa.

Other nail salons say their customers trust in their services makes them all the more conscientious.

"We don't take the sanitization and safety issues lightly at all," said Celebrity Spa and Boutique Owner Laura Atkinson. "Our customers know they can come here and expect for it to be clean and sanitized to standards."