7 Seconds That Changed the B/CS Skyline in 2012

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It may be one of the most anticipated events in 2012, the implosion of the Plaza Hotel checks in at Number 4 on our local top ten stories of 2012. Thousands of people crowded streets and parking lots just to watch the 30 year old building come tumbling down.

They came flocking to the intersection of Texas Avenue and University Drive on the morning of May 24th.

They came with chairs, cameras and smiles. All waiting for one moment.

Demolition crews have to be precise, or so we thought. The Plaza Hotel, a landmark in Aggieland, was scheduled to be imploded at 6:30 a.m.

6:30 came, and went, and they waited.

Jay Socol, with the city of College Station and the emcee for the morning's events, came across the Public Address system.

"Slight delay, we're told it will be in five minutes," he explained to a large crowd.

Five minutes turned into ten. Then, almost without warning, BOOM!

News 3 had nearly a dozen cameras covering every angle. Including the one down wind of the debris cloud. Many people, including our own Daniel Armbruster, were caught off-guard.

When the smoke cleared, clean up began. Development is underway on a new mixed use high rise that will soon be a new landmark for the city of College Station.

It only took 7 seconds for the 17 story structure to be leveled. The Plaza Implosion checks in at number 4 on the countdown of the top local stories of 2012.