CS Plans to Develop with New Staff Member

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A key position on College Station's city staff has been filled.

Robert Cowell will take on the role of director of planning and development services.

“Bob is an exceptional planner with a wide range of experiences and expertise which fit College Station,” said Glenn Brown, College Station's city manager in a statement. “He has great experience in long-range planning, understands the importance of a reliable and predictable development process, appreciates the importance of neighborhoods and neighborhood integrity, and knows the unique needs of a major university community.”

The 39-year-old is no stranger to major college communities. He currently is the director of planning for Monroe County, Indiana, which is home to Indiana University.

Before his time in Hoosier state, Cowell wasa planning manager in the St. Louis area.

“With excellent expertise in a fast growth setting, Bob will be able to help us address the many challenges we face as a community through good, solid planning and workable solutions to the many challenges we face as we grow,” said Brown.

Cowell holds degrees from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and St. Louis University.