Gramm Talks US Economy, Says He Won't Be A&M's President

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Texas A&M's Department of Economics got a prominent Aggie alum to speak at their new lecture series.

Former Senator Phil Gramm gave a presentation Thursday afternoon, saying the current economy is fundamentally strong, and calling for the Bush tax cuts to be made permanent. He also said runaway federal spending needs to be curbed.

The longtime senator's name is seemingly always mentioned when major A&M positions are open, but Gramm was quick to downplay the idea that he could be A&M's next president.

"I've had two great love affairs in my life, and one of them was with Texas A&M. There isn't any circumstance under which I'd come back and consider that."

Undoubtedly, that other love affair is with his wife, Wendy, who recently finished her time as a regent for the A&M System.

Gramm added that he had not been contacted in the search for A&M's