Mother Nature Can't Stop Midnight Yell

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Confirmation came just after 11:30 p.m. that Midnight Yell would take place at Kyle Field.

Severe weather had threatened to affect the Texas A&M tradition, but forecasters believed they could safely hold the event.

Former Texas A&M President Robert Gates had returned to Aggieland, in part for the event, which is part of the annual Parents Weekend.

The following was the statement from Dean L. Bresciani, Vice President for Student Affairs concerning Midnight Yell from earlier Friday:

“One of the most exciting activities during Parents’ Weekend is this evening's Midnight Yell Practice, which starts with step off and a torchlight parade from the Adams Band building at 11:30 p.m. and moves to Midnight Yell Practice at Kyle Field.

“There is, however, a chance of weather causing a change of plans. In that event, a decision will be made by 11 p.m. Due to the possibility of severe weather, we will carefully monitor weather conditions throughout the day. While we don't anticipate the need to cancel Midnight Yell Practice, if it should be necessary, notification will be posted on the Texas A&M Web site and local media outlets will be notified.

“We are committed to holding Midnight Yell Practice if at all possible, but the safety of the entire Aggie Family is of paramount concern to us.”