Bond Reduced For Former Death Row Inmate

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The one million dollar bail has been lowered for a former death-row inmate accused of killing six Somerville residents.

A judge ruled Anthony Graves' bail be lowered to $600.000. Friday night Graves was still in the Burleson County Jail, waiting for a new trial.

Anthony Graves' 1994 capital murder conviction was thrown out by an appeals court in 2006.
It was found prosecutors withheld evidence in the original trial.

Graves will now be retried for the 1992 deaths of a Somerville grandmother and five children.

The only evidence linking Graves to the crime was the testimony of co-defendant Robert Earl Carter.

On the night before his execution in 2000, Carter told former Burleson County prosecutor Charles Sebesta, "I did it all myself."

Carter implicated his wife as an accomplice in the deaths. Sebesta told KBTX, back in 2000, they originally suspected Carters wife, Teresa Ray, as the possible third party. Sebesta said they didn't have enough evidence for a trial.

Grandmother Bobbie Joyce Davis, 45; her 16-year-old daughter, Nicole; and four grandchildren,between 4 and 9 were the six killed. The four year old was Carter's son. Each were stabbed and, or, shot. The bodies were also burned.