Spirit of Aggieland Reunites Aggie with Symbol of Pride

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Aggie's and ring day go hand and hand. It's a tradition many wait for their whole collegiate life.

However, Aggie alum, Daryl Boyne has had a hard time keeping track of his precious ring.
It has not only been stolen once, but twice.

"My ring got stolen once, and somebody called and told me they found my ring because it had my name written on the inside of it," said Daryl Boyne.

The second time he wasn't as fortunate.

"About 11 years ago when we went to Costa Rica, his aggie ring was somehow lost in the house," said Adryana Boyne, Daryl's wife. "We think somebody came in the house and took it, but we could never find it."

The Boyne family has traveled abroad as missionaries, but has now made a temporary home in Aggieland. Adryana has had the opportunity to see first hand the Aggie spirit at work.

"Everybody who is an Aggie is wearing this Aggie ring," said Adryana. "I thought he really needs to have his ring back."

An idea was born in that moment Adryana says. She secretly enlisted the help of one of her pastors at Grace Bible Church, some fellow aggies, and a local jeweler to help her get her husband a new ring.

Sunday morning in front of a crowded church service , Daryl class of 1985 was suprised with a familiar symbol of Aggie pride, an Aggie ring.

"It's great," said Daryl. "It's been difficult to explain to people that I'm an Aggie, they look and and say ' where's your Aggie ring?' Now I can say I'm an Aggie and I'm proud of it."

Daryl says this time he is not going to let the ring leave his side.

"I will keep it on my hand most of the time," Daryl said. "I think that may help."

The pride of one Aggie can be easily summed up in a few simple words.

"Gig'em Aggies, whoop," Daryl said.