Tax Deadline Fast Approaching

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There are only a little over 24 hours to file tax returns.
And even though most taxpayers have probably already paid Uncle Sam, the IRS says many wait until the very last minute.

At Bryan's main post office Monday, the lines had already started to form, while the drop off boxes were getting more attention than usual.

That's because taxpayers are down to the wire.

"Normally I do it on-line," Veronica Beltran said. "I usually get it done sooner, but this year I cut it close."

Post offices are expected to be the hot spot in town Tuesday, because letters addressed to Uncle Sam must be post-marked by midnight.

"You always have those individuals who always come the last day for whatever reason that may be," said Ron Glenn, Postmaster of Bryan "Whether it's tradition or the need to get the forms or whatever, so I'm sure we'll be quite busy Tuesday on the 17th."

The post office isn't the only place that will be busy Tuesday, 54-percent of people say they file their taxes on-line.

The IRS is sending a warning, beware of scam artists.
Internet thieves can set up websites that look like the IRS web page.
They redirect refunds to their own bank accounts, instead of the taxpayer's.

"You're giving away a lot of information and we hear about identity theft everyday," Larry Lightfoot with the Better Business Bureau said. "That's pretty easy to sacrifice if you're doing business with the wrong person."

Taxpayers had two extra days to get their taxes in on time, since April 15th fell on a Sunday and Monday marked Emancipation Day.

But, will that be enough?
Only the lines will tell.

The Bryan Main Post Office will be open Tuesday until 6:30 p.m.
Greeters will also be outside to accept tax returns, and a drop box will be available outside the post office until midnight.