Tax Day Produces Few Lines for Procrastinators

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Procrastinators who waited until Tuesday to file their tax returns, surprisingly faced short lines at the Bryan Post Office.

Officials with the post office say they saw relatively small crowds throughout the early morning and afternoon hours. The extended due date for this year's taxes may have played a major role in keeping lines small.

However, there were still some last minute stragglers.

"I've had them done for a while, they've just kind of sat on my desk.," said Brazos County Resident Miriam Aune. "I thought it's the last day, so I better come mail them."

"My son and his wife didn't get their return ready until last night to sign," said Sue Matthews, also a Brazos County resident. "So I decided I would be a good samaritan today and bring it to the post office for them."

Officials at the Bryan Post Office say tax returns will be accepted outside of the post office in the drop box until midnight Tuesday.