CS's East Side Discusses Possible Traffic Options

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Talks on transportation continue on the east side of College Station.

Planners and consultants with the city laid out a trio of potential plans for future transportation east of Highway 6.

Citizens had developed a scenario at a meeting in late March to go along with the city's thoroughfare plan. A hybrid plan was also developed and up for discussion at Tuesday night's meeting.

"The plan that they've come up with looks like a good plan, too," said Troy Rother, a traffic engineer for the city. "We're just hoping to find medium ground."

According to information presented at the meeting, the city's thoroughfare plan scenario as it stands would mean the most hours of delay and travel among the three plans, the most congestion in pockets, and more traffic on collector streets. It also would cost the least to construct.

In contrast, the so-called community concepts scenario provides for the lowest hours of delays of the three plans and the least traffic on collector streets. It would also cost the most to construct. Rother says the difference would easily be in the millions of dollars.

The hybrid scenario developed created based on the first two plans provides middle of the road results on time delays, traffic on collector streets and costs.

The hiring of a consultant to help develop traffic plans for developing communities is not an uncommon practice, Rother says. He added that residents' concerns about new road development includes neighborhood preservation and mitigating the anticipated traffic.

The plans will be discussed further by city staff before any final options go before the city council.