Local Firefighters Take on Lifesaving Drills

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Firefighter's are quite often the first to arrive in times of emergency, and are often the last ones out.

Just weeks ago a Houston firefighter was trapped in a high-rise building and almost didn't make it out. That's why Bryan firefighters are undertaking a rigorous training program geared at saving the lives of their own.

"This training is very important and it teaches us how to properly go in to a very emotional situation, and search for a firefighter that has been lost or trapped inside of a building," said Bryan Fire Chief Mike Donoho.

Dark smoke filled rooms are often the conditions firefighters have to work around. The Bryan Fire Department simulated a course to be as accurate as possible.

Firefighters noticed the increased level of difficulty.
"You can't see three or four inches in front of your face," said Mark Williams.

Fellow team member William Bouse said, "There were materials they had planted in our way that blockades it. We had to break through and get past in order to get to the simulated downed firefighter."

During the training course firefighters were could only depend on a faint beeping sound, and the glow of their flashlights to locate the fallen rescuer.

"We will have a 180 pound rescue dummy lodged somewhere in the building," said Donoho. "They'll have to go in and find the rescue dummy and safely remove the rescue dummy while being timed."

Officials say the dangers firefighters face everyday are real, and preparing for those situations save lives.

"We want everyone to go home from their shift while working," said Donoho. "They come in at 7 a.m. and we want everyone to go home safely tomorrow at 7 a.m.."