Young At Heart Compete in Senior Games

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They say you're only as old as you feel. Participants at this year's Brazos Valley Senior games couldn't agree more.

More than 300 seniors from all over, participated in this year's event, some of which will move on to the state games in the Fall.

Several of the seniors had to overcome major life hurdles to get to where they are currently.

"I have a total hip replacement," said Senior Games Participant Chrisptopher Rampacek. "My surgeon told me I would never run again. This was 14 years ago."

However, the 55 year-old who also suffers from arthritis defied all odds and was able to participate in several of this year's events, including a triathlon event.

"You have a chance to either grow or decay and I chose to grow, which is going to keep me getting better," said Rampacek. "I can hardly wait till I get in the older age groups."

Participant Lillie Doss traveled from Austin to take part in the Brazos Valley Senior Games. The 81-year-old, has won more than 300 medals, and is a top six finalist for the Healthy Texan award.
However one of her greatest achievements has been running through some of life's toughest battles.

"Well I got over cancer, and I've had bad eyesight and glaucoma, but I still go out there and do it," said Doss.

Many of the so-called seniors, have stamina that would make some teenagers jealous.

Participant Jo May ran a 5k, then competed in the triathlon event immediately following.

"That's not a lot, those were short," May said.

Top senior athletes compete in the games for the chance to move on to the state games in October.
However, coordinators say it's not all about the competition.

"They have fun, it's just fun!" You don't have to be a pro, you just have to like to do whatever the event is," said Brazos Valley Senior Games Coordinator Sally Motl.