Cross-Country Trek for Cancer Research Runs Through B-CS

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A Washington man has strapped on his back-pack and put on his tennis shoes for a walk across America.

Matt Gregory started his trek in September to raise money for cancer research. It's the disease that claimed his mother's life.

He started in Washington state, and step by step he has been fighting for the cause.

"Over the course of four days she deteriorated and you know then she passed away," Gregory said.

Matt was prematurely born because his mother had Leukemia. She had a born marrow transplant in early 1979 and was one of the first good survivor cases. But, 20 years later she died from Melanoma.

"Even though she had cancer she didn't want people to know how bad it was," Gregory said.

On the first of September he started a 5000 mile walk in his mother's honor from Washington state to Miami Beach. So far he's raised $3,700 for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. It's the center that helped his mother battle the disease for 20 years.

"Sometimes it just blows me away," Gregory said. "It's enough to cry with joy."

Monday as he walked through the twin cities he was not alone.
Ben Dolan, an Aggie junior, saw Matt walking Sunday and offered him a place to stay.

"I'm poor and I'm a college student so it's hard not to give money when he is trying to raise it, but walking is free and I can do it," Dolan said.

Matt has walked 3,500 miles with many more to go.
He says his mother will be there along the way.

"She'd be proud of me, but she would be scared and worried," Gregory said. "If she was still around she would be calling me like every mile, and be like 'Matt where are you?' And I'd be like 'Mom I'm just down the road, I'm Alright.' "

Matt plans to write a book and documentary about his journey.
More information about his walk can be found on his website.