Twin Cities Big Enough to Support Apartment Boom?

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The Bryan-College Station housing and rental market keeps growing, and now several new facilities are planning to move in.

Experts say the effect on some of the older units up until now has been minimal, and that there is plenty of room for the new additions.

"We have such an economically-diverse community with the college students," said Rosemarie Selman of the Bryan/College Station Apartment Association. "Of course, a lot of citizens that live here work full time, have children, and a lot of them have different economic backgrounds. I think that the Brazos Valley is growing, and we'll be able to fill those."

Selman does caution that there will come a time when enough is enough, and construction of new facilities will have to stop.

"Been there, done that. It's cyclical, just like any real estate market, even in the rental industry," said Selman. "I just hope we're always conscious of not over-building."

Tower Park Apartments has been around since the 1970s, and with 209 units in the facility, they say despite the newer models in town, they still manage to stay at 98 percent capacity.

"We really haven't had much of an impact as far as occupancy," said Celest Acosta. "I think the high enrollment at A&M has played a very big factor in that."

Other older complexes such as Walden Pond and Treehouse II report much of the same. Older complexes also report students coming in to their units looking for all the bells and whistles of the new facilities, but say they're doing their best to keep their units current with the times.

"We have new fixtures, new carpet, new tile," said Acosta. "We try to upgrade as we go."

Officials with the Bryan/College Station Apartment Association say currently there is enough room in the twin cities to support both the older and newer apartment models.

"Look at very encouraging signs like the enrollment at Blinn which is going to just mushroom, as well as Texas A&M," said Selman. "I think we'll be able to absorb all those new units coming in the next couple of years."