Flight Plan: More Stops At Easterwood

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American Eagle will now offer another flight to and from Dallas out of Easterwood Airport.

The carrier says it is adding a fifth flight to College Station starting June 14.

Passengers will be able to fly out of Dallas at 8 a.m. and arrive in College Station about an hour later. The plane will then head back to D-F-W, landing shortly before 11 a.m.

According to John Happ, with Easterwood Airport, this flight time slot hasn't been available for more than two years. "American Eagle has always wanted to maintain the market here in B/CS but they haven't had the availability of aircraft. But because our market is so strong they have moved another aircraft to our airport."

According to Happ, the shortage of flights began when American had to compete with Southwest Airlines flights coming out of Love Field. He says American doesn't have many regional jets available. Those they do have, were pulled from service out of cities like Killeen and taken to Love Field. Regional jets are able to travel longer distances than the turbo prop planes that were formerly at Love Field. In return Kileen needed continued service so Happ says, place like Easterwood lost some of its' turbo prop service.

He feels the added flight is a direct result of the amount of people flying in and out of Easterwood. He says the recent advertising campaign to encourage people to fly from Easterwood is working.

That campaign, which began in the spring of 2006, had a price tag of about $150,000. It included television, radio and print ads.

Dale Morris with American Eagle says the new flight is not appearing on the American Web site yet but should be entered in the system soon.