Two-Thousand Area Voters Dropped From Registration Rolls

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Early voting for the May 12th elections is just around the corner, but now Brazos County Officials are now reporting thousands of voters names were accidentally dropped from the registration rolls.

"We brought the system up and suddenly we had thousands in this particular area that had issues with addresses overnight, and we had done nothing," said Kristeen Roe of the Brazos County Tax Office.

Officials say the problem goes back to the Help America Vote Act which required a statewide voter registration system.

The Secretary of State's Office had been assisting in the transfer over to the system, by acquiring addresses from the Department of Public Safety. During the conversion to the new system is when all the mess happened.

"There were approximately 2,000 addresses that the system just didn't recognize," said Roe. "They're still listed as active voters its that their precinct was removed because the system didn't recognize the address the DPS turned in."

The system originally depicted more than 10,000 discrepancies, but after closer examination officials realized it was a smaller number.

More than ever, officials are urging residents to bring their voter registration cards with them to the polls.

"Spending a couple of extra minutes at home finding your card and bringing it with you, might save you sometime at the polls," said Bryan City Secretary Mary Lynne Stratta.

Officials say even if you can't find your voter registration card there are several other forms of acceptable I.D.'s, including a driver's liscense, employee ID badge, social security card, or even a utility bill.

However if you're one of the 2,000 voters whose name was inadvertently dropped, be prepared to wait.

"These are the individuals we are really going to have to take the time and really search for in the system," Roe said.

Wait times could be long due to the system being bogged down with the election traffic. Officials say current wait times are currently running up to 20 minutes per search.

Voters can facilitate the process by showing up at the polls prepared.