Touring The White House In College Station

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John Zweifel is an artist with a flare of creating great works of art, like the White House, on a miniature scale.

Starting this month until January 20, 2008 visitors to the Bush Presidential Library will be able to take an up close and extended tour of the presidential home. Zweifel said everyone who sees the display will see a contribution from all 43 presidents.

"Every president has something special and here it's a display of all of their art and their treasures and everything," Zweifel said.

Since 1975, artist, John Zweifel, has made sure those treasures are included on the outside and inside the White House replica. Zweifel has made it his mission to share the tradition, heritage, and history of our country through one of the most recognized symbols in the world.

"It's been shown in 300 different places for kings, queens, every president from Kennedy on, has patted me on the back and said keep plugging. Keep giving the White House to the people," Zweifel said.

More than 50 million people have seen his replica including eight presidents, some who have offered their own suggestions.

"I really had presidents and first ladies change the placement of furniture because they've said, ' I've always wanted to do it but it looked better here'," Zweifel said.

With more than half a billion man hours and a personal investment of more than a million dollars, the replica is an extremely detailed reproduction. You can see it from the rugs that have half a million stitches, to the portraits on the wall and even the pictures on desks. Zweifel said the goal is authenticity.

"Here the TV sets work, the telephone ring, smoke comes out of the smoke stacks, flags wave, water works," said Zweifel.

Zweifel said he started creating miniatures as a child to help his grandmother, who was bed-ridden, to experience the circus and theater he visited.

He said since then he has spent his life getting others to experience incredible moments--like going to the residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Zweifel hopes people understand how fortunate they are.

"How special this country is--no other country has ever allowed an open house like this," Zweifel said. "I want them to go with that same feeling that they have if they were at the actual White House."