Bryan Council Makes Personnel Realignment Concerning BBC

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After much discussion behind closed doors, at least one decision has been made on the Bryan Business Council.

As expected, the BBC director, Dennis Goehring, will now report to City Manager David Watkins.

Previously, Goehring's contract was routed through the Bryan Business Council. Now, under a new consulting contract, Goehring will answer to city manager David Watkins.

That consulting deal with the city will run through this fiscal year, with the intent being to later make Goehring's a staff position.

"Nothing is really changing," Goehring said. "It's just a function of it being more authorized now than it had been before."

"I'm very excited about having the economic development director come in under my office," Watkins said. "I'm really looking forward to it."

Watkins says since the resignation of four of the BBC's seven members weeks ago, the city has not seen slowed progress in attracting new prospects to the city.

"We're not missing a beat on pursuing economic development initiatives," Watkins said. "In fact, we're very busy. Right now, this entire valley is being besieged by prospects."

As for filling the four voids so the business council can meet once again, according to one councilmember, it will likely be weeks more before that's taken care of.

"We hope to fill those vacancies here very shortly," said Jason Bienski. "We've got so many other items, in my opinion, that are more pressing at this junction that we need to be attending to. We'll concern ourselves with that at a later date."

The BBC is made up of citizens charged with helping lure new business prospects to Bryan.