Strong Winds Produce Fence Dilemmas

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The severe storm that ripped through the Brazos Valley produced strong winds that may have reached somewhere between 80 to 100 miles per hour.

The wind gusts were strong enough to tear the roofs off of several area buildings, including that of College Station Middle School and the Veterinary Medical Center on Rock Prairie Road.

Fences throughout neighborhoods in the Brazos Valley were torn down. Due to the high amount of the fences destroyed many fencing company's phones have been ringing non-stop.

"We've had about the equivalent of a full month's-worth of calls just in a day because of all the damages that were done from the high winds," said Miles Enzor of the Brazos Valley Fence Company.

Enzor's crew and many others have been hard at work cleaning up all the mess left behind from Wednesday's storm. Wood fences seem to have been the hardest hit.

"It just blew them all over in the same direction the wind was blowing," said Enzor. "We'll go into a neighborhood and every fence from one house down to the other end of the street will be blown over."

The damage and destruction can be costly for homeowners. Officials say it can range anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000.

"Most people have been just replacing the fence because most of the fence has been damaged," said Enzor. "Stuff that's still there will blow over again the next time the high winds blow through."

Experts say a little extra money spent now could be money saved later.