College Station Mayoral Race: White vs. Maloney

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They are from different backgrounds, but share some similar experiences. Now, they share a common desire: to become College Station's next mayor.

Ben White and Dennis Maloney are the candidates for the post. Current Mayor Ron Silvia cannot run again due to term limits.

A former mayor pro tem and city councilman, Maloney has called College Station home since he graduated from Texas A&M in the 1970s. The local painting contractor spent three terms on the College Station city council, along with stints with Planning & Zoning and the Historical Commission.

"When you elect Dennis Maloney, you will have a mayor who will answer you straight, any question you ask, who will work tirelessly for the betterment of our community," Maloney said. "I'm committed to neighborhoods. I'm committed to making College Station truly a unique community. I do not want to see us continue on the road that we're going on. I want new development to pay for itself. I want our tax dollars to be used to fix what we have already developed in our community."

His opponent is the current mayor pro tem. Following 26 years in health care, including as executive director of multiple organizations, White spent time in city government in Garden Ridge near San Antonio. Upon coming to College Station, he served on the P&Z Commission before his current term as a councilman.

"I can bring to this office 46 years of cumulative service as a leader and a consensus builder," said White. "That's what I did as a career. I have knowledge of working in a government environment. Certainly, Garden Ridge was not a large community, but the issues are all the same -- health, safety and welfare, whether it's Garden Ridge, Texas or College Station, Texas."

Election Day is Saturday, May 12.