Pesky Pests Could Really Bug Residents This Summer

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It was just a few summers ago that love bugs invaded the twin cities.

As summer quickly approaches, there are several creepy crawlers that have the potential to really bug residents of the Brazos Valley.

Many of the insects are repeat offenders.

"We still sit under a cloud of the West Nile Virus, and again that's one we prepare for the worst and hope for the best," said Texas A&M Entomologist Jim Olson.

However, early indications point to a lower number of mosquito populations of the type which carry the virus.
The numbers are down from last year.

Experts say despite the current low numbers, residents should not let their guard down.

"Don't get soft on taking care of yourself," said Olson.

Grasshoppers in the past have been a summer nuisance, but due to the cool and wet spring weather experts say the insects may not be as abundant this season.

Texas A&M Entomologists say the Post Oak Grasshopper will be out in full force this season, as Lick Creek Park has already become home to many of the tiny creatures.

A new breed of ants may also make its way to the Brazos Valley.

"It breeds and occurs in tremendously large numbers and literally will overwhelm a dwelling and the people living in it," said Olson.

Experts say they know little details about the ant, such as where it came from and what it is.
The new breed was found outside of Houston.

While little is known about this type of crazy ant, experts say it's a good idea to keep a watch out for them, because if left untreated structural invasion and electrical malfunctions could occur in your home.