Game Room Bust Leads to Five Arrests

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A Grimes County game room did not draw a winning hand.
Monday five people were arrested, dozens of slots machines confiscated and thousands of dollars seized.

Officials say citizen complaints led to the multi-agency investigation of Todd Mission Grill in Grimes County.

The Grimes County Sheriff's Office, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Special Investigation Unit, Grimes County District Attorney's Office and Federal Agents raided the facility in the 21000 block of FM 1774.

Authorities also busted its supplier in Spring.

"This also connects to Montgomery County locations and Harris County locations," Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said.

Officials say five people who were tellers or managers, were arrested in Grimes County for a slew of charges including engaging in organized crime, money laundering, keeping a gambling place, possession of a gambling device and promotion of gambling.

The suspects face state and possible federal charges.

"Gambling is illegal in Texas and there is a scheme to deceive and betray an image of holiness but bottom line when they get caught, what they're doing is gambling," Sowell said.

Citizens had told police they wanted the game room shut down.
As the slot machines were wheeled away, they expressed their appreciation.

"They're glad to see it happen, they are pleased with it," Sowell said. "It's a neighborhood eye sore. I think one woman told me it damages her quality of life down here."

Concerned citizens may have hit the jackpot, but for the five behind bars, their luck is over.

The five arrested are:
Peggy Jean Huskey
Dianne Huskey Martinez
Janice Briggs
Lee Petlotz
Kenneth Gardner

This isn't the first raid in Grimes County in recent years.
In 2005, Grimes County sheriff officials lead a multi-agency raid on Yakity-Yak communications in Navasota.
Authorities seized more than 30 slot machines and close to 500-dollars cash.
The operator was arrested.