College Station Place 1 Race: Crompton vs. Happ vs. Miksch

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A look at the candidates for College Station city council, Place 1 shows three men are vying for the one-year, unexpired term of Ben White, who is running for mayor.

John Crompton is a distinguished professor at Texas A&M. The Englishman was the managing director of Europe's largest parks and rec consulting firm before coming to the US. He's served on a number of local boards, including the advisory board to Parks and Rec.

"Firstly, I've been a small businessman, so I have some understanding of financial pressures," Crompton said. "Secondly, I've had extensive experience in this city working on government committees and being involved as a community activist. Third, I'm extensively involved in local governments professionally, and have been a consultant to many government entities. Fourth, I think I have the conceptual ability to visualize what the city should look like instead of what it looks like now."

John Happ currently serves as the Place 2 representative in College Station, but can run for only a single-year term. He is also the director at Easterwood Airport. The Aggie grad is also served for three decades as a combat pilot in the Air Force.

"I think the desire that I have to serve the citizens of College Station and the background that I have, not only in education, but the experience level that I have in serving for five years, I think by far it gives me the qualifications to go into this next critical year working on our comprehensive plan to make balanced decisions for our citizens," Happ said.

Robert Miksch rounds out the trio of candidates. Educated in accounting at Sam Houston State and Texas A&M, he's called the area home since the early 90s. Miksch has operated a number of local businesses in the area.

"I have the business experience, and I'm a fiscally responsible person that we need on the council," Miksch said. "Let's cut the fat, such as the convention center, and prioritize on our transportation needs. I will not raise your property taxes, your sales tax or user fees for as long as I'm on council. It's time for the majority of the taxpayers to be represented, as well as small business. I want to be that voice, and I want to be your councilperson."

Election Day is May 12.