Perry Favors Increased Gun Freedoms

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It's the shot heard round Texas. Governor Perry fired off statements in favor of allowing concealed weapons to be carried anywhere.

"I think a person ought to be able to carry their weapon with them anywhere in this state if they are licensed, and they have gone through the training," said Perry.

The remarks were made after Perry met with officials to discuss the ways to prevent tragedies such as the one at Virginia Tech.

"Whether they're in church or whether they're on a college campus or wherever they are," said Perry. "The last time I checked, putting up a sign that says, 'Don't bring your gun in here,' for someone who has ill intent on their mind, they could (not) care less."

The Virginia Tech tragedy has sparked heated discussions about gun control.
On one end of the spectrum there are those in favor of stricter laws, and then on the other end there are those who propose more gun freedoms.

"I think it makes sense for Texans to protect themselves from deranged individuals," said Perry.

Under current laws some of the places handguns are not permitted include bars, schools, hospitals and courthouses.

However, Perry says licensed holders should be able to carry their weapon anywhere.

Some say the governor's statements were quick on the draw.

"There are just some places where carrying a weapon is just not necessary," said College Station Assistant Chief of Police Larry Johnson. "As a police officer it's just not a good feeling to have a higher expectation that the person you're going to be making contact with is more than likely armed."

Allowing weapons in bars could be a serious issue.
Johnson says history shows that alcohol and weapons just don't mix.

Jason Ramirez, manager of Fitzwilly's on Northgate, says if weapons ever became allowed in bars, it could be bad for business.

"With as many students as we have there's going to be a lot of parents concerned," said Ramirez.

For now, Perry has made it very clear he is not gun-shy about the debate.