Brazos Christian School in Center of Controversy

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A second day of testimony has shed new light on the dismissal of eight Brazos Christian students.

According to court documents, the students accused a teacher of making inappropriate remarks.

In April, those students told their parents their humanities teacher Cornelius Ferguson, had made several sexually themed comments.

Court documents state the comments regarded having sex in the back seat of cars, and at one point the documents allege Ferguson said a student's group name sounded like the name of a porn site.

This prompted five families to confront the headmaster, Robert Armstrong in April. In a meeting, the families voiced their concerns.

During Tuesday's testimony, Todd Landers, the Grammar School Principal said he was sitting outside the meeting and heard some of the parents acting aggressively.

Landers testified the headmaster had investigated the allegations regarding Ferguson and found nothing.

One day later, three of the five families were dismissed from the school.

The principal testified those three families were guilty of slander, should have approached the teacher first, and the school felt they could not continue healthy relationships with them.

Landers also testified the school has been in chaos since the accusations were made.

The two other families were not punished because according to school officials, they only questioned the allegations.

The parents of the eight children dismissed, some of whom were scheduled to graduate this month, have filed a lawsuit against the school asking for them to be re-admitted.

The lawsuit claims, Armstrong was angry with them and called them a "lynch mob" during their meeting.

Court documents state the children have been subject to ridicule and harassment since their dismissal.

Brazos Christian has declined to comment on the situation.
Testimony is expected to continue tomorrow morning.