Brazos Christian Students to Finish School Year

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A ruling has been made in a controversial case involving eight Brazos Christian students who'd been kicked off campus

The court Wednesday sided with the students by issuing a temporary injunction which stops the expulsions. This will allow all eight students to finish out the school year.

This comes after two days of heart wrenching testimony from school administration, parents and students. Wednesday, County Court Judge Jim Locke made his decision while saying he was sad that it had reached this point.

The families' attorney said he was pleased with the outcome. "I'm glad to see that they see being honest and coming forward is the right thing," attorney Bill Youngkin said.

According to court documents, the students accused their humanities teacher of making sexually themed comments.

In April five families confronted headmaster, Robert Armstrong. One day later, three of the five families were dismissed from the school.

A principal testified the parents were guilty of slander and should have approached the teacher first.

Judge Locke ruled Wednesday the parents were not guilty of slander. The two other families were not punished because school officials say they only questioned the allegations.

School administrators and their attorney declined comment.

The families' are expected to find new schools in the fall. Wednesday's decision doesn't end the litigation, the families will pursue damages in civil court.