Bryan SMD 2 Race: Zimmerman-Gonzales vs. Flores vs. Madison

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Three Bryan residents are looking to fill the Bryan Single Member District 2 position. Two candidates are political newcomers while the third is looking to return to a position he previously held.

Karen Zimmerman-Gonzales has lived in the Bryan area since 2001. As the daughter of an Air Force colonel, she spent most of her life traveling the U.S. and abroad. Zimmerman-Gonzales graduated high school in Iran and received her degree in veternary technology at St. Petersburg College in Florida. She also serves on the executive board of the National Association of Veternary Technicians of America. Zimmerman-Gonzales is currently employed at Texas A&M as a technician in the Veternary Diagnostic Lab.

"I think that I can bring in fresh ideas since I've been all over the world," Zimmerman-Gonzales said. "There's different ideas I picked up along the way that are fresher than those of people who have been in Bryan all their life."

One of her opponents is Mike Flores, a Navasota native who has lived in Bryan for the past 35 years. The Navasota High graduate considers himself an entrepreneur. He has held positions in the grocery and insurance businesses. For the last 16 years, he has run Beetles Pest Control in Bryan and he also serves on a volunteer board for the Bryan Police Department.

"I like to work with people," Flores said. "I work with people and I know how to be diplomatic and try to get changes made. I think that with the background that I came from in business and associations that I've been with I can work with the city and the councilmen to move Bryan forward and hopefully to make it the best city to live in out of the twin cities."

The third contestant is Paul Madison. Madison served as a Bryan Single Member District 2 council member for five years. He also served on the Bryan Planning and Zoning Commission. Madison resigned his city council seat to run for Brazos County Commissioner last year, but was defeated by Carey Cauley. He has owned Madison Metals in Bryan, which has been in operation since the 1930's.

"When you look at the other organizations that I've been involved in with the city it gives me an overall background as to what has occurred in Bryan and what needs to occur," Madison said.