Storms Hit Texas... Again

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Storms dumped rain on parts of Texas Wednesday, with flooding in Odessa and the recovery of a body in the San Antonio area.

A line of storms moved through the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area about 6:00pm, bringing strong winds and heavy rains. People planning to enjoy an evening baseball game between the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees huddled in the concourse as the storms moved through. The game was postponed.

Winds from 75 to 85 mph were reported in Tarrant County, where sirens sounded.

The storm caused minor damage to some commercial buildings, and officials received reports that less than 10 homes had water inside. The wind apparently blew out the front door of a community center.

Multiple vehicles stalled out in high water, and trees and power lines were down. No major injuries or deaths were reported.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport received high winds, heavy rain and had zero visibility, forcing a halt to departures and arrivals for more than an hour with heavy lightning in the area.

Carol Peters, a spokeswoman for Oncor Electric Delivery, said 200,000 customers were without power Wednesday night in Dallas and 100,000 in Fort Worth.

Rescue officials say some streets in Odessa had as much as four feet of water after an earlier storm yesterday.

Meanwhile, what started as a high water rescue in southwest Bexar County led to the discovery of a woman's body in another flooded vehicle.