Texas Senate to Consider "Top 10" Changes

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Some advocates for black and Latino students have urged Texas lawmakers to preserve the top ten percent university admissions law.

The decade-old law faces debate today in the Texas Senate as legislators consider limiting the program.

Senator Florence Shapiro of Plano is pushing a bill to cap the number of students automatically admitted under the law to 50 percent of a school's incoming freshman class.

It would be a victory for the University of Texas at Austin, which has lobbied for years for changes to the law.

UT president William Powers Junior has testified that the school in Austin can't handle the number of top-ranked students seeking admission. Powers sys 72 percent of this year's UT freshmen who are from Texas were admitted under the law.

But attorney Luis Figueroa with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund says the change would reduce minority enrollment at the state's flagship campuses.