Missing Evidence in Murder Retrial Turns up in Jail Cell

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Evidence missing in the capital murder retrial of former death row inmate Anthony Graves has been found inside an old Burleson County jail cell that was welded shut.

The evidence was used in Graves' first trial, who was convicted in the 1992 slaying of a woman, her daughter and four grandchildren.

It included clothing worn by the victims and Graves, the skull caps, and several knives used in a demonstration during the 1994 trial.

The items went missing sometime after the trial but turned up inside the cell of the old jail, just before a May 1st deadline set by a judge.

A federal appeals court ordered a new trial for Graves after finding that prosecutors withheld evidence and elicited false testimony from a Texas Ranger.

A man executed for the slayings in 2000 recanted his testimony against Graves several times. Robert Carter also vouched for Graves' innocence moments before his execution.