Safety Of Northgate Comes Into Question

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Two stabbings over the past month at two local bars has some questioning the safety of Northgate.

"I think it makes everybody nervous, but we've been doing the same stuff we've been doing for years, so we try and be safe," said the Dixie Chicken Manager Rusty James.

James says it's part of his job to make the business as safe as possible.
That's why the staff makes sure they're always keeping a watchful eye.

"During the busier days of the week and weekends we have door guys at both doors, and every night we have people, managers and bartenders, walk around, that not only clean but they're watching for people doing something they're not supposed to, or maybe getting a little too intoxicated," James said.

In light of other incidents on the Northgate strip, James says the Chicken put a new plan into action.
Now if a confrontational person comes to their door, the bouncer isn't left alone.

"We don't want him to take on that problem and get into a fight. So we say don't get confrontational just let him in," James said. "Follow him in and grab the managers, the bartenders, and the bouncer, instead of getting one person in trouble by himself, you got a team of people, and we can call the cops."

Some say Northgate needs stronger security in light of the stabbings.

"Maybe a few more police officers would help," said Michael Stoll, a patron of Northgate.

Others don't think an increased police presence would be of much help.

"We don't need a big brother so to speak here on Northgate watching over us," said Northgate Patron Bryce Thomas. "I think we're all mature enough adults that we can handle our own actions."

However, the actions of some have already taken the life of one, and injured several others this year, and some say it's a trend becoming to common in the area.

"All the fights start in the bar. The drunk college students, they don't know how to handle their alcohol," said Rodney Pettway, a Northgate patron.

Mangers at the Chicken say they're working hard to prevent a similar event from happening there.

"We're very strict about making sure the place is safe and taking care of people who are little to intoxicated," said James.