24 Texas A&M Students Accused of Cheating

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Texas A&M University is not taking cheating lightly.
24 students accused of cheating in a required business ethics course have received grades of D or F.

Mays Business School Dean Jerry Strawser said the accused had fellow students answer assignments for them using electronic devices. The accused students were not present in the classroom at the time.

27 other students under investigation were cleared of wrongdoing.

"We feel very strongly about the Aggie Honor Code, it's part of our mission at Mays Business School and it's part of our mission at Texas A&M," Mays Business School Dean Jerry Strawser said. "What you're looking at is a very small number of students. While it's unfortunate we have any cases like this, I think it's important to remember this does not reflect every student on Texas A&M University's campus,"

The students were enrolled in two different sections of the class each made up of about 200 students. How many of the accused students were in each class was not readily available.

All of the cases were reported to the Texas A&M University Aggie Honor System Office. The students have the right to appeal.