Letters From First National Bank Shooter Reveal Possible Motives

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Suspect's Suicide Note

An unexpected letter has shed new light on Monday's standoff-suicide at First National Bank, on Texas Avenue, in Bryan.

The author, Eddie Holdren,62, of College Station, is the person police have identified as both the perpetrator and the victim in the shooting.

Letters sent out to several media outlets and Congressman Chet Edwards reveal Holdren may have been planning his tirade for quite some time.

One such letter was dated as far back as March.

In a letter to News Three, Holdren expresses anger at many institutions. Among those, the V.A. for cutting his benefits, the Texas Attorney General's Office for increasing his child support payments, and First National Bank for overdraft charges.

Holdren writes in the letter, "... they want to charge me usury forever for my overdrafts. Fat chance they'll get it now."

Monday afternoon, just before 1p.m., Holdren entered First National Bank, armed and ordered those who wanted to live to get out of the building.

Police originally thought the gunman's actions stemmed from a domestic situation, but after talking to witnesses police now paint a different picture.

"Mr. Holdren, we believe, was a patron of the bank. So, he didn't have a deep personal relationship with anybody that he was seeking at the bank," said Bryan Assistant Police Chief Peter Scheets. "Our understanding is that he was acquainted with members of the bank staff and he apparently sought them out when he entered."

Police say both of the bank employees Holdren was looking for weren't there when he arrived. One, was on business at another bank branch. While the other was still on a lunch break.

It is still unclear if the gunman had any intentions of inflicting harm on those individuals.

During the investigation police discovered more instructions from the shooter.

"He did leave behind notes that indicated what he wanted done with his property and his personal possessions. But, the notes didn't give a motive or didn't indicate the reason he went into the bank, or the reason he sought out specific individuals," said Scheets.

However, in Holdren's letter to KBTX he reveals more about the shootout at First National.

Holdren writes "Just some building glass at first National, hopefully one or two cop car red and blue lights will suffice. I hate them."

In that same letter, Holdren mentions an alternative plan, a plan which he calls the "propane plan".
Holdren later writes, "A Christian even a bad one like me wouldn't kill people in the twinkling of an eye."