Suspect Arrested in First National Bank Robbery

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It's been a traumatic two days for the oldest bank in Texas.
Before First National Bank could catch its breath from Monday's standoff-suicide, its branch at Post Oak Mall was robbed - again. This time, police got their suspect and he's charged with all three robberies.

"I thought 'oh no' not again," Post Oak Mall employee Tammy Booker said.

For Booker, it was a scene all too familiar.

"This is the third time, the third time this has happened," Booker said.

In the past seven months, the First National Bank branch at Post Oak Mall has been robbed three times, all while the long-time mall employee has been at work.

"It was something that happened that quick," Booker said.

The difference this time is the suspect is in custody and is charged with all three robberies.

Police say Jade Hannah McCullough, 25, walked into the branch about 2:45 p.m. Tuesday.

He did not display a weapon, but demanded money, received an undisclosed amount and left, police said.

Soon after, Bryan police tracked him down using a vehicle description taken from the scene.

"We picked up with that group of officers and eventually took the suspect into custody in the area of University Drive and Highway 6," Rhonda Seaton with the College Station Police Department said.

Customers were inside the bank at the time of the robbery, but no one was injured.

McCullough was captured driving a gray Dodge pickup, which is similar to the getaway vehicle described in the previous two robberies.