Tips For Controlling This Summer's Energy Bill

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If the last couple of days are any indication of what is in store for summer, your air conditioning unit should be ready for another hot workout.

Ed Wren is the owner of Climate Masters of BCS and he said a few inexpensive techniques will keep your unit running longer without fleecing your wallets. The first thing Wren said is to check your unit's filter every month.

"If they get real dirty then it will stop up your evaporator coil, which means your system won't get a good air flow and your unit will run longer which will cost you more money," Wren said.

Another easy trick is to wash down your condensing or outside unit.

"Take a water hose and wash up around that unit," Wren said. "It'll make it nice and clean and that's real important in how efficient the system works."

To keep the air conditioning unit from working over time and your meter in line, Wren said do not offset the thermostat anymore than seven or eight degrees. Also, do not completely turn off the air when you leave and do not shut off rooms or vents to try and cool only a few rooms.

"Air will go down the grille and can't get out. So, it builds up air inside that duct work and the longer it's in the attic the more heat it picks up," Wren said.

If you have windows that receive direct sunlight, Wren suggests putting up curtains or shutters to reduce additional heat from coming into the house. For more ideas on how to reduce your energy bill you can contact your power company.

"The city of Bryan, the city of College Station utility departments have energy auditors that will come out and look at your home and give you ideas on how to cut your energy costs," Wren said.