Looking for Billy the Kid

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A West Texas town is saying "no" to the idea of exhuming the body of a man who claimed to be Billy the Kid.

Ollie "Brushy Bill" Roberts died in 1950. He's buried in Hamilton, about 70 miles west of Waco.

Above his grave is a monument that identifies Roberts as the legendary gunslinger of the Wild West.

A New Mexico lawman asked the Hamilton City Council for permission to dig up Roberts' grave for DNA testing. But the council voted against the idea yesterday.

Mainstream historians believe the real Billy the Kid wasn't Roberts, but rather a different man fatally shot in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, in 1881.

Still, Roberts has his supporters. Among them are Jannay Valdez, who runs a roadside Billy the Kid museum along an East Texas interstate in Canton.

Valdez implored the council for permission so he could get, quote, "just a fingernail snip" to test.

Still, the council voted down the idea with a unanimous majority.