Bryan City Council Candidate Arrested On Felony Prescription Drug Charges

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Despite a recent arrest, a current city council hopeful remains in the race for a council seat.

A tip by a local pharmacist to the Brazos County Criminal Law Enforcement and Assistance Response or CLEAR team started the investigation of Karen Zimmerman-Gonzales. Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk said the investigation turned up evidence that the A&M Veterinary Technician filled three different doctor prescriptions for pain killers.

"She has seen three different doctors and in the course of three days and visited three different pharmacies and obtained 220 pills of similar prescription medication," Kirk said.

Kirk said those medications included Morphine Sulfate and Hydrocodone. By filling those prescriptions, he said she violated the state's health and safety code.

"She was advised that there was a three count felony warrant out for her and that she should make arrangements to turn herself in on those warrants," Kirk said.

Gonzales turned herself in on Wednesday. She was charged with fraudulent possession of a controlled substance or prescription.

Hours later she was released on a $16,000 personal recognizance bond. Gonzales arrest could not have come at a worse time with elections on Saturday.

As far as her candidacy status, Bryan's City Secretary, Mary Lynn Stratta said Gonzales has not withdrawn. Stratta said even if she wanted to, Gonzales would be unable to so because the date to withdraw from the race has long since past.

So that means Gonzales is still in contention for the city of Bryan's Single Member District 2 seat.