House Authorizes More Cops Through Nationwide Program

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Texas and the rest of the nation will see an influx in officers following a decision by the US House of Representatives.

With an overwhelming bi-partisan vote, the House restored the COPS Hiring Program. Over the next six years, federal funding will be provided to local law enforcers so they can hire 50,000 police officers nationwide.

Congressman Chet Edwards voted in favor of the program.

"This program was ended last year, and it's something that is important to our communities, to our families," Edwards said. "I have two children. Nothing's more important than the security and safety of our loved ones."

The original run of the COPS program was from 1995 until 2005. More than 2,500 new officers are earmarked for Texas.

"I think, by every indication, Brazos County and the Brazos Valley would qualify for a number of those slots," Edwards added.