Summer Rays Require Shades

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Sunglasses are typically plastered on the faces of many celebrities.
The current shades even come in all shapes and sizes.

Although the trends for sunglasses change each summer, one trend that won't is the importance of wearing them.

"In the summertime the sun's ultra violet light is more intense and more directly overhead," said Dr. Paul Wuthrich of Texas Regional Eye Center. "As in the same way you wouldn't send your child out without sunscreen, in the summertime we also need to think about our eyes."

Experts say the best way to protect your eyes outdoors is with protective sunglasses. As the sun shines down it could be damaging your eyes without you even knowing it.

"The eyes are very delicate structures so ultra violet light could damage the inner structures of the back of the eye called the retina," said Wuthrich. "Ultra violet light has also been implicated in the formation of cataracts and it may make macular degeneration worse in our older patients."

However, doctors say people of all ages can be affected by the sun's powerful and harmful rays.

"A lot of children don't wear any type of sunglasses and they can be very susceptible, because the effect of UV light can be cumulative over a lifetime," Wuthrich said.

When it comes to shopping for the right pair of shades darker lenses aren't always better, and there are several things shoppers need to look for.

"Most of the pairs of glasses we like will have a little sticker on them that says it blocks 100% of the ultra-violet light," said Wuthrich. "A popular style is a wrap around which prevents some of the light from reflecting in behind. "

Some of the most protective lenses come in the colors grey, green , and brown. Experts say by taking precautions now you can help keep your eyes strong and healthy.