Posting Your Correct Address In Navasota

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It is understandable if you are a tourist and you get lost in Navasota. If you live and work there, it raises the question, how is that possible?

Public Works Director Gary Johnson says it very easy.

"We had a lot of houses that were numbered the same and then they were numbered the same in the wrong hundred block," Johnson said. "There were on the wrong side of the street even or odd."

Johnson said city workers, along with mail carriers have had a hard time locating homes and businesses because street numbers are either not posted or are flat out wrong. He says his department completed the task of determining correct addresses for just about every structure or empty lot in the city.

Now, he wants property owners to affix those numbers onto their buildings, and he has set July 1 as the deadline to do so.

"We give you a warning the first time, but if you don't comply with the warning then it is a Class D misdemeanor, punishable up to a $200 fine," Johnson said.

Johnson said the reason public works is serious about the issue because of safety.

"It is for emergency purposes primarily and we want be sure that we're taking care of our public," Johnson said.

Seconds are critical for emergency responders like police officers and fire fighters.

Navasota's fire service director, Jason Katkoski, says correct number addresses would cut down instances of them driving past locations of an emergency.

"Dispatch told us that the caller has stated that we've passed them and we've had to turn around and go back to them," Katkoski said.

Johnson says 600 property owners have been notified they need to post contrasted colored, three-inch high numbers on their actual house or business. He said posting the numbers on the curb or mailbox is not acceptable because cars could park in front of them and obstruct them.

Those residents and business owners have 60 days to comply.