Two Sporting Stores, One Block, No Problem?

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For the past two weeks, Gander Mountain employees have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on their brand new sporting and outdoors store.

The store has not only brought 100 jobs to the area, but has also situated itself strategically off Highway 6. However, that's not the only thing interesting about it's placement.

The new sporting and outdoor store is ironically placed directly next door to another sporting and outdoors store, Academy Sports and Outdoors.

However, officials with Gander Mountain say they hope both stores reap the benefits.

"I'm happy to be next door," said John Singleton, Gander Mountain Store Manager. "I think it's going to draw more people onto this side of the freeway."

Gander Mountain officials say the store's new spot was all about location and not about competition. They say the strip could function as a one-stop spot for all sporting and outdoor needs.

"We are a destination here. We don't compete with them as much as you might think," said Singleton. "It's real complimentary. The things that they're strong in, we don't really carry. The things we're stronger in, they just have a little."

Gander Mountain and Academy may both specialize in sporting and outdoor needs, but they do have their differences as well. Both stores feel they can offer something truly unique to the Brazos Valley.

"Our pricing and our customer service are probably going to be the number one and number two things we look at," said Wes Landers of Academy Sports and Outdoors. "Academy is known for that and we'll still be known for that."

Gander Mountain makes customer service a point as well. "Not only do we sell all the equipment you need for hunting, fishing, camping but we provide the service," said Singleton. "We service boats, and we have a gunsmith."

In the end, if you can't find what you're looking for at one store, there's always one next door.