Viking Students Protest BISD TAKS Policy

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Some Bryan High students say a school district policy doesn't treat their fellow students justly.

Around 30 students held signs and called for those who didn't pass the TAKS test to be allowed to walk at this month's graduation ceremonies.

Earlier this week, the Bryan ISD school board upheld its rule that prohibits students who haven't passed the TAKS to participate in the event.

Administrators say the rule is there to make graduation an incentive, but those against it say the district is unfairly keeping students from a major milestone.

"We're getting a petition signed," said Bryan High student Andre Bisor. "We've got a majority of our senior class that basically says we support our classmates in their efforts to be able to participate in commencement."

"We work very hard for four years," added student Sarah Jewell, "and I think that it's a privilege that we should be able to accomplish and achieve, and we shouldn't have it taken away from us just because of one test."

Bryan High School has had this policy in place for a decade-and-a-half. School districts in Houston, Dallas, and other major cities have similar rules, though College Station does not.