Two Injured in Hilltop Lakes Plane Crash

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Two people were injured when a small plane crashed in Hilltop Lakes Sunday afternoon.

The Brazos County Department of Public Safety says it happened just after 3 p.m. at the Hilltop Lakes Airport.

Officials say the plane experienced engine trouble shortly after take-off. The pilot, Albert Hooper of Hilltop Lakes tried to return to the airport, but did not make it and crashed a quarter of a mile from the runway.

One witness heard a loud crack when the plane crashed.

"We got in the golf cart and we came down here," Witness Chuck Ellis said. "We started looking along the tree line to see if we could see them, but it was so thick and covered we didn't see anything but we heard them holler for help."

Hooper and his passenger Delores Mardis, also of Hilltop Lakes were taken to St. Joseph Regional Health Center in Bryan for minor injuries.

The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to investigate the crash.