Military Identifies Soldier Found in Iraqi River, Denies Second

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The U.S. military says the body pulled from a
river south of Baghdad Wednesday is that of a American soldier
who'd been missing for nearly two weeks.

Joseph Anzack Jr. was one of three soldiers who vanished
after a May 12th ambush south of Baghdad that killed four other U.S.
soldiers and their Iraqi interpreter.

Al-Qaida has claimed responsibility.

P.F.C Anzack's family in Torrence, California, disclosed earlier
that they had been informed of his death by military officials.

They were told the remains were identified by Anzack's commanding
officer but that results of DNA tests were pending.

A U.S. spokeswoman in Baghdad, confirming the identity this
morning, denies reports that a second body has been found. She says
those reports are false.

Members of Anzack's unit say they're crushed by news of his
death, even as the search continues for the two soldiers still